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31 Days

I like this idea where I could focus on one challenge per month to see what I can accomplish. So I created a website to display my challenges, share the results and incentive myself to accomplish them.

I want to make these challenges fun. This has to be fun. I believe treating this a one challenge per month idea like a game with incentives because it will improve the rate of accomplishing I have set a few rules…

1. One challenge per month

Exception is the first month. The one challenge per month is meant so I can only focus on that one challenge. I believe this is the only way to actually achieve some of these challenges.

2. Mark as achieve or fail

At the end of the month mark as achieve or fail. If achieve I can move on. If I fail the challenge I have the option to try it again at a later month or abandon forever. Always track whatever the outcome will be.

3. Prizes to incentive my challenges

This is an incentive for me to follow through. I have marked some prizes that if I achieve my challenges, can follow through with. I believe incentives are great when setting any goal.

I’m curious to know how much I actually can achieve doing this project. I believe that if I write about my progress, it will make me accountable. Achieve or fail, it really is about setting goals for myself, and actively pursuing them. I find myself as well as most others, we all have things we’d like to accomplish yet we never push ourselves. By setting a monthly limit, it puts you in motion to achieve those goals.

The average American life is around 79 years in 2017. That means that in an average American life there are only around 950 months and that includes months as a child. I’m 28, therefore I roughly have 612 months to still achieve anything I want. Put in that perspective it should light a fire for anyone.

I’ve displayed these challenges first by each month and then by each year. From there I will post fairly often with updates on how my progress. Some of these goals are fairly easy and are meant to be rather easy to achieve. Others are pretty hard and probably not achievable.

The point is to do the challenges and go into them without worrying about achieving or failing. I will tally my results on the sidebar, whatever the outcome is. People can and should comment while following my progress!

I do realize that some months have 31 days, 30 days or for February, 28 days. So I have put easy challenges on the months with less days and the harder challenges on months with more days.

About Me

I’m originally from Texas but now live in Chicago with my husband. My main loves are really travel and geography. You’ll probably see many of my challenges geared to those. I have another website shawnvoyage.com; feel free to check it out!