What 31 Days is About

  • What 31 Days is About

First of all, welcome to my website, 31 days. Month challenges are certainly not a new concept however I have never seen a website log goals and challenges on a month to month basis. So I created a website where I can track my own challenges in a way that makes it exciting. It’s easy to get bogged down and to never complete important goals you may have in life. With the help of writing, reflecting, and sharing my progress to the world, I should be able to attempt all these challenges and succeed in most of them.


Simply it’s to achieve a goal/challenge that I’ve always wanted to do. Life is filled with many distractions and it’s hurting my chances of completing any one project. So for me it’s important to have one goal on my mind and I’m giving myself a month to complete it. I believe this is the only way to accomplish some goals I’ve kept on the back-burner for YEARS.

And this all has to be fun. For me it’s almost like a game where I’ll have a tracker, a place to reflect on these challenges, and an opportunity to share them to the world. There also has to be an incentive to go after these challenges. I think in general humans respond when there is a prize to be won. So I’ve set 13 prizes over the next year and I only receive them by achieving challenges.

How it works

First I created this website and filled out each challenge up until December 2018. That’s 13 challenges I’ve set for myself. I wrote them down on the website for everybody to see. I did this because it makes me accountable if I have other people checking in on me. Having challenges open to the public incentives me to achieve them.

Second I then will journal about them fairly often. The posts won’t be long nor do I think they should be. I think time should be spent achieving these challenges so unless the goal is to write, I won’t be filling out essays when I post. Some goals are pretty easy, like “reading 5 books in one month.” Sometimes the goals are rather hard like “getting 100,000 views on my travel website in one month.” The point is not to make the goals easy or hard but to write down challenges I want to accomplish and work towards them each month. I may not achieve all of them but that’s okay. I will always display the end result no matter what.

Third is to always have a prize to incentive these challenges. I believe that this is important in achieving something. If I achieve a challenge, I get a prize in return. If I fail a challenge, I get nothing. I have set my own prizes, so it is on the honor system, but I think this is something personally you could do as well. At the end I will share the results of the challenge, and whether or not I got the prize or not!

31 Days Club

You may be thinking, well that’s great Shawn but what about me? You could do this on your own if you wanted. This website should serve as inspiration for whatever goals you have.

However I’m going to create a branch website so people can sign up and use the same tools to achieve their goals. I plan to create a personal space for you to write down your ideas, goals and challenges, set them for a certain month, do them, and at the end of a month display your results. This idea may not work for everybody and that’s okay. However I feel this will help the majority of people to focus on their challenges, and achieve them.

Starting Out

So join me in this journey and come check out the branch website once I have it up and running. I’m not positive what it will look like, just that I hope it looks similar to this personal website. My first task is to finish a 10 year old drawing that has moved with me from Texas to Chicago. It was first drawn in 2007 and over the years I would work on it some but often leave it abandoned for months if not years. I will but updating on this challenge throughout November and December of 2017.

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